My second time having this margarita/beer mix! It is delicious, to say the least. And as always, it’s nice and large with the margarita already made with a bottle of Corona Extra on top with a bottle holder to give both the glass and the bottle leverage. So I ordered some grilled salmon with chopped veggies i.e. spinach, peas, redskin potatoes, avocados, onions, and so on and so forth! Obvious that dish was gonna take longer than normal, so to make up for the time, I ordered a side of mozzarella sticks. I was expecting three, or four at max, I was given EIGHT! And since I haven’t eaten for most of the day, it actually was worth it. After I finished the sticks, the fish came. The following pics should be self-explanatory.

Did I smash these delicious eats?

You bet your behind I did, baby!

After what I’ve been through these past few days (with Mary’s passing and all), I deserve it.

I don’t think so, I KNOW so!