I’m just gonna cut to the chase!

After 19 long years, my time with Detroit Public Schools/Sodexo have come to a permanent end.

That said, some longtime DPS custodians who came into Sodexo from DPS didn’t take it well, others, such as myself, had let out a huge sigh of relief. Originally, my plan was that between my 40th birthday and my 20th year with the Board the following year, I was gonna walk then.

Come to find out that my timetable was cut off a year earlier than expected. Long story short, the Board of Constipation (you read that right) forced Sodexo’s hand by not paying them as promised. Originally, we were under a five-year contract with Sodexo, and after three-and-a-half years, something broke! Alluva sudden, many contractors under the Board of Ed. were wanting their money, but wasn’t receiving any! Having said that, Sodexo walked! and despite the negative things that I’ve heard about them prior to my working for them, I can’t say that I blame them! So the writing was on the wall as it was. And like I said before, I was gonna walk anyway. It’s like I was not destined to be a janitor-and certainly not for as long as I was one anyway!

So now as I write this entry, this is now the time, as well as the opportunity for me to reinvent myself. At a time like this, I am thankful that I am still single. I can only imagine the stress that this would put us both under. Seeing that’s neither here nor there at present, I can say these things: I have one more year of school left, and I will have my degree in General Business, I have my photography, and I have my eBay. I also have unemployment coming in, as well as some leftover vacation time from my now former place of employment. So thanks be to God, I’m still in good shape so far.

But I refuse to do more janitorial work, even if they did pay more!

Some recommended that I start a janitorial company, but I’ll pass! I mean, decades of inhaling chemicals, mixing them, dealing with hard-headed people who only come to work for a petty paycheck, and ignorant attitudes, too much stress! I’d rather start a business doing what I love to do, and that’s photography, writing, and eBay, as well as designing things. In other words, I want to do something different in life.

-And this ain’t it!

The picture you see above is the East Side Bus Terminal, a former brewery in the ‘hood (before it became as such). That would be my last run as a DPS employee. It’s funny. People with more seniority than me were actually jealous that I got that place. But I didn’t like it at first, but once I got to know everybody there, and I took care of it, some folks actually appreciated my work, and I, in turn, began to appreciate being there. I will submit that going in two years ago, that was going to be my last run with the Board as stated earlier. The ESBT was the point of no return for DPS custodians. Long story short, once you got there, you were either headed towards retirement, or greener pastures. In my case, it was the latter!

As the adage goes, “…when one door closes, another one opens”.

As this chapter in my book has put the period in its final sentence. I will began to write a new one.