First, I get laid off after two decades of working for the Public Schools, and a week later, some punk rear-ends me on the outskirts of the suburbs.

In typical dastardly fashion, this punk takes off leaving my poor faithful Chevy Malibu banged up from behind! Was I furious? Yep! But I was also happy as well! Why? Haven’t had an accident since ’97, haven’t had a ticket since ’97. I think I’ve done well in 17 years.

Long story short, I filed a claim at the police station, and by the time anyone reads this, I will have contacted my insurance about it. Hopefully, I can have all this rectified in a reasonable amount of time, and I hope the coward who clipped me will face justice.

It’s funny. Almost laughable to some point, in almost 22 years I’ve been a licensed driver, even currently holding a chauffeur license, and an Enhanced Drivers License (basically a DL with a passport-you have to live in a border state [Michigan, NY, Cali to name a few] to obtain one), that I have never been rear-ended before! Tapped? Yeah. But never rear-ended.

But there’s always a first time for everything!