Wow. First I lose a close friend earlier this year, and now a family member. My grandmother, Margaret C. Jones, has passed away earlier this week. She was 86. Whilst time will not permit me to go into detail about her nine decades on this earth, but I can say these few things about her. She was the youngest of two children, she survived the Great Depression, married her first and only husband, also deceased, my grandfather a few years after WWII, and brought two children into the world, and four grandchildren she has gotten to see come into the world. And I’m the oldest of the grandchildren. There would’ve been seven of us, but some of the babies were either miscarried or stillborn. Let’s just say that I look forward to seeing both my grandparents AND the three grand babies who didn’t make it into the world in the promised new world by Jesus Christ at John 5:28, 29 and Revelation 21:3, 4.