I’ll just make this as brief as I possibly can.  With grandma’s passing earlier this week, and going through some things (I won’t reveal what they are just yet), let’s just say that the pace has picked itself up and me along with it.  I’ve said before that this year had been one of closure, and I have a lot of closed chapters to share in brief the chain of events that have taken place since this year began.  Even though I am currently unemployed, I’ve been blessed in as well as with other things.  I may be moving soon, I have one more year of school left, still don’t know how I’m gonna finance it, but I wanna get this final year (and some change) out the way ASAP!  I had my car fixed, I cut my losses with Detroit Public Schools after 20 years of being with them.  And that was a big mess that I got caught up in with Sodexo in 2011, and it’s gotten worse now.  So if any of my former DPS/Sodexo/Powerlink/Aramark coworkers have returned, I wish them all well.  And it’s a huge mess that’s gonna get worse.  So peace of mind was my first priority.  

With all that being said, as time marches forward, I’m marching along with it, and I’ve gotten this sudden itching to go “shooting” again.  But with Mary gone, that void still remains quite large, but nothing compared to my grandmother.  Moral is, if there’s anything you wish to do in life, NOW is the time.  Case in point:  In recent years, My grandmother as well as Mary had moved on to greener pastures north of 8 Mile Rd.  While their stay was short-lived, it was one of peace and serenity to say the least.