As you well know, I do not celebrate any of the holidays, but in this case, one would make an exception. This iconic international day in honour of the lefties, the southpaws, the cack handed, the “Devil’s Side”, if you will. Originally observed on August 13, 1976 for left handers in a right handed society. It was also created to promote awareness of the inconveniences that lefties face in a mostly orthodox environment. And me being left handed but forced right, I had to adapt spending years being something that I was never meant to be in the first place. But as the years went on as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun-and still do in reference to other things-to gravitate towards the left. I could delve further about my backstory in all this, but let’s just say that a certain family member of mine, I don’t see in the same light anymore, but that’s another story altogether!

Let us move on!

I posted the image above on my Instagram page, and it blew up immediately! It’s been said that lefties make up about 10% of this world’s population. Thankfully, although I found out about my left handedness so late in life, I am a part of that ten percent. I would not doubt that number would be more due to persons born left handed but were forced to be right handed. Some, like me, ended up being ambidextrous, the ability to use both. But in spite of what I’ve went through, I still claim my left-handedness for two reasons: 1) I was born as such to begin with, and 2) I am a twin, my brother (God rest his soul) and I were fraternal, so one of us was gonna be left handed, and the other, right handed. With that being said, that gave me all the more reason to take back what was taken from me. So as I commemorate this day in observation if left handedness in a right handed society, I take my part in supporting anything that deals with the use of what’s falsely referred to as “Sinister”, “The Devil’s Side”, as well as any other BS myth that downs the use of the left hand! One fact that I know personally to be the truth: Left Handers are the most creative, artistic, outspoken, even athletic people on this earth! Thankfully with the awareness that we have today, the current generation of lefties won’t have to go through the crap we went through. God forbid we still have some idiot parents who go by those non-biblical, mythical lies about left handed people.