As I write this entry, I reflect on the transitions that are taking place in my life right now. I’ve been very dormant as far as doing real photography is concerned. The bad weather we’ve had since this year began, then Mary died after a series of heart problems, which made me shut down for quite some time. We had TWO District Conventions at Ford Field here in Detroit-both were international, so I had the privilege of shooting pictures of our international delegates from distant parts of the globe. Go to and see for yourself.

Other events that took place had seemed to impede the path that I really wanna take down the road to being successful in life. I lost my job after 20 years (19 to be exact), got into an accident (rear-ended), my grandmother passed, and so far the only thing that’s keeping me sane is going from door-to-door preaching God’s truth to whoever has a willing and listening ear. And while we are advertising the website, some congregations had run out of tracts to publish while others had stacks of them! It’s all good, either way. Another transition that’s on the horizon is that I am seriously considering going into business for myself be it insurance, eBay, or even my photography. After 20 years of doing the same thing, I could use something different. Thing is, it’s gonna be an entirely different atmosphere. I have to put in the work, cover taxes, keep track if every penny that I spend, etc.. It’s all up to me if it’s to be! That said, being a JW, talking to folks is a no-brained most of the time, so it’s the discipline that I need to work on the most. I’ve been making that a serious matter if prayer as of late. As the Bible says (as I quote from King James); “…ye have not because ye ask not…” So with so much on the brain right now, it’s real easy to be lost in thought right now, but I’m gradually getting myself back on track.