A poem that I composed earlier this year…

Loneliness and bitterness
Plague my soul constantly
Ill-treatment nonstop
From strangers
People in the job
Even people in the congregation
On the tail-end of other
People’s frustrations
When will it stop
I love, give, respect the wishes of
My fellow man
Yet, in return I get just the opposite
I did not ask for this
Yet I’m stuck with it
A hardened heart
And a calloused soul
Is what I obtain
To keep from going insane
But on the flip side
Those with way too much pride
Have now received what they’ve
Dished out
And now they’re the ones who are
Hurting inside
Their cause has now
Elicited and effect
They’ve reaped what they’ve sown
Paying off that karmic debt
Sucks to be you right now
Now you know
Not to mistreat folks simply because
“You can”
God SEES what you do
And you will be held accountable
You’ve reveled for years in your
Selfish lust, greed and violence
Yeah, I said it once,
And I’ll say it again,
Sucks to be you right now
As you gnash your teeth and weep
Crying tears of silence

(C) JVLIVS 2014