A recent picture from my current 365 Project: The backstory behind this is both shocking and encouraging all in one. That said, I’ll just dive right in on it!

I was at Burlington Coat Factory in Roseville, MI, and I choose some designer socks to complement my suits whenever I’m attending meetings at the Hall, or out in field service. Understand, even though I’m still studying for my Insurance License, I’m still unemployed, but I had money on me, but the event that followed still has me in amazement. I meet this beautiful, voluptuous woman who was looking good from head-to-toe, literally. She had an armful of stuff, and judging by how she was dressed, I ask her if she was just getting off work, and she was. I’m not even gonna lie, I was admiring her curves, but I snapped back to reality. Long story short, we struck up a conversation, and she asked me if I had gotten off work, and I told her that I was (then) recently laid off after 20 years of custodial work for Detroit Public Schools, and was going to school for Business (I plan to resume classes in January), and was studying for my insurance license, so I had many things in store for me, still do. Like I said, she had an armful of merchandise, but she managed quite well. She noticed the socks that I had, and she complimented me on my choice of socks. I told her that they were five pair for ten bucks, and I had to get ’em. Time had passed, and it was her turn to pay for her stuff, she didn’t have much. She then paid for her things, and when it was my turn, she gave me ten bucks for my socks! Catching me way off guard, I said thanks (I hope I did, at least-everything happened so quickly), and I used the money that the lady gave me to purchase the socks. Both the cashier and I was shocked by her gesture. I immediately paid for the socks and dashed out of Burlington Coat Factory to thank the lady again, and she was gone! No where to be seen. I still don’t know what to make of it all, because I did have money on me. I hope that we cross paths again so I can thank her again.

I did, however, say to myself, and to God, that should I one day, come across someone in a similar plight as mine in the future, I’d do likewise for them.

Under the same circumstances!