Day 321

Summer’s ending
The shortest season
Of the year
Wishing that I knew the reason
Why this particular time of year
Excites me
Leaves turn from
Green to red
The scorching heat
Dies down
The residue of
Summer’s breeze
Blows over into
The autumn season
From September
To November
Before it begins
Its gentle freeze
This autumn air that I breathe
Is one that’s pleasant
The crisp sound of leaves
On the ground
How sharp and clear
Around this time of year
As I embrace its presence
Rain turns to snow
Yet the temperature
Is mild
As I walk through the villages
Of the city
The leaves on the trees
Are a bright orange and red
Its sight, how very pretty
As the holidays approach
And the year nears its end
I will continue to savor
This autumn air
And forever breathe it in

(c) JVLIVS 2013, 2014