I was thinking about a recently-departed friend when I took this picture. She would’ve loved seeing this on Instagram were she alive today. That being said, I was moved by the progress of the railway that is being constructed. For the first time in nearly six decades, the city of Detroit is once again having mass transit! And I don’t care what anybody says, EVERY major American city should have one. Even if it’s known for manufacturing cars. Besides, the auto industry isn’t the powerhouse that it once was, nor will it ever be again.

This small three-mile strip between Jefferson and Detroit’s New Center area is just a testing of the waters, as it were, to see if The Motor City can hang with the other cities that still maintain it. Once the auto industry boomed in the early 50’s, the railway vehicles were off the streets. And since then, many Detroiters-myself included- have mourned not having any. Seems like we’ve got our wish!

And BTW, I can’t wait to be on the trains once the rails are completed! And I will be ready, if the will of God allows it. Woodward Ave is partially outta commission between now and 2016. But it just might be worth it!