The eventual outcome
Of one’s unhappiness
Not knowing what to do
Or what to say
Not knowing what to think
Or how to act
Can certainly throw one’s
Life course off track
A constant mistake in judgment
Is the only excuse he has
In his own defense
Not knowing that his errors
Were at a great expense
That’s the price you pay
When you straddle the fence
They say “once, it’s a mistake,
The second time, it’s a choice”
So now a pattern has formed
Still not paying attention
He ignores his inner voice
His instability has now become
A liability due to a
lack of responsibility
So now the pattern
Has become a problem
And he has no way to solve them
A lack of priorities
Has clouded his common sense
Now he has found himself
On the tail end of others
Having their way with him
At his own expense
O how he could have averted
Such an unfortunate outcome
Seeing that his mind was dense
The price we all pay
By straddling that fence
“How long” The scripture asks
“Will you be limping upon TWO different opinions?”
Seek refuge, and wisdom from God
Who, like a hen, protects her chicks
Under her pinions
Time has passed
And the indecisive one
Has had enough
With help from the Holy Spirit
And the scriptures
He pummels his body,
And leads it as a slave,
and decides to get tough
Not wanting to make matters worse,
This time he trusts in God,
Forsaking his own understanding
Realizing that was the very start
Of all this nonsense
The indecisive one has now
Become aware
Of the dangers
Of straddling the fence

(C) JVLIVS 2014

Image above (c) ShutterStock. All Rights Reserved.