Since I’ve been laid off these past few months, I’ve been investing a lot of time into working out. That said, as I approach 40, I’m realizing that the older I get, I must take care of myself. Period!

For the past few years, I’ve been working out at Planet Fitness, and while I’ve had some success with it, the results were very slow, not that I don’t mind, anything worth having is not easy, but after years of working out, I have to show some gains (muscle, that is). So I was considering switching gyms anyway.

One time, I was on YouTube and did a search on PF, and I was in shock by what I saw. Some members were kicked out for being “too fit”, and long story short, it was time for me to leave at that point! Even well-known bodybuilders were criticizing that place, so I decided to go back to the beginning of working out at Powerhouse Gym. And seeing that I am once again a suburbanite, there’s one less than ten minutes away from me. So even though I no longer have the 24/7 luxuries of Planet Fitness, I got something better in return. Quicker results, gains are starting to show, went down a shirt size, have more energy, closer to home, and 24/5 access to the gym. The Powerhouse that I go to may not be as palatial as PF, but I got a complimentary workout DVD along with some one-on-one training. The only drawback is that I’m paying an extra ten clams more a month, but already I’m seeing where the extra money’s going.

I do miss Planet, and one day I might go back should I be in another pinch. One thing that I will agree on is that PF is good for if you’re a beginner in the workout game, or you’re seasoned and have been dormant for quite some time, not to mention easy on the wallet. Planet Fitness is a good gym to workout in either way. But over time, eventually you’ll outgrow it, and you might wanna workout somewhere else. And there are plenty of other facilities that you take you to the next level.