Annexing between Detroit and Belle Isle facing the Canadian border, this historic masterpiece has some history behind it. Originally made of wood, the bridge was burned down and was reconstructed with more modern materials at the time.

Named after American five-star General Douglas MacArthur, this thoroughfare has seen many storms weathered in Detroit. One of my earlier adventures was when East Grand Blvd would tunnel under Jefferson Avenue in order to access Belle Isle if you didn’t want stop at a light (this was discontinued in the late 1980s-early 90s at best). But due to weather conditions as well as a lack of maintenance the city had patched the tunnel up. I hope that they one resurrect the tunnel with all the modern technology that they have now. As always, Detroit gets the last of the good stuff. It sucks.

In recent years, Belle Isle was converted into a State Park. I, for one, am glad that it happened. Belle Isle is Detroit’s version on Central Park. That said, if anyone has visited the island since the State has taken over, it has changed dramatically! No riffraff, no drama, you have city and state police as well forest rangers circling the place. Even some of the streets are receiving a makeover as we speak!

But this historic strip leading to the island has maintained its beauty exceptionally well. I’d like to, one day, get some good night shots of it from every angle possible. Hopefully by next Spring, if the will of God allows it.