The namesake of Swedish businessman Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd was the farm that he grew up in, and Agunnaryd, his hometown in Småland, South Sweden. Hence the initials: I-, K-, E-, A. Originally he started off selling matches from his bicycle to selling fish, Christmas tree decorations to stationary items such as pens and pencils eventually expanding to a global marketplace for very cost-efficient furniture assembly as well as other miscellaneous household products (you gotta see it to believe it). And me being a chef by trade, a writer, and an artist/photographer, it’s virtually a toy store for me. And when my mother’s in the picture, it’s go time! The only major (complaint) I have is that 1) we only have ONE in the state of Michigan (as far as I know), and 2) because I’ve relocated back to the suburbs, I have to travel even farther out to go there. But whenever I’m there, I always have a good time!

I will say this, my mother and I have invested a lot in IKEA in recent years. The best time to go there is during the work week. The weekends, on the other hand, it’s like rush hour-esp. if your local IKEA is located off the freeway like this one is. While time fails me to embellish even further, the pictures enclosed should be self-explanatory enough to whet your appetite.

Till next time,