I have been outta touch with Starbucks these past few months, but it always feels good to be here even if it does put a dent in your wallet. That’s to be expected in any cafe you visit these days.

That said, this was no exception. Just as the title reads, this stuffed sandwich was worth every penny. With the exception of the bun it came in, you can taste the dressing, turkey, gravy, and the cranberry sauce. Basically a Thanksgiving dinner between two slices of bread. The chocolate chip cookie was pretty much self-explanatory, not to mention soft, chewy, and gooey (just like mom used to make ’em).

But the coup de gras for me was the passion hot tea. I was hoping for my traditional Earl Grey, but in some locations, EG has been discontinued as of late. Starbucks and Teavana have recently formed a partnership and having tried their products prior to the two coming together, I’d say it’s a marriage made in (coffee house) heaven.

But this passion is to die for! Very strong, citrusy, and even a little bit sweet. This is one of those teas where the longer you let the teabag sit in the water, the darker the water would get, and you’d get more flavour out of it. Definitely a rich, dark red colour in the cup. As rich as a nice dark wine! That’s how beautiful the colour of the tea was.