Sushi. Ain’t had it in years. Hot sake, same length of time. Vegetable Grilled Dumplings, I wanna say it’s my first time, but I’m not too sure.
I treated myself to some Spicy Alaskan Roll (Spicy Salmon in brown rice), and the other two mentioned. That said, everything was delicious, and the hot sake topped it! All this I bought at my local Kroger in the Grosse Pointes.

The spicy salmon had a orange sauce on it and it was raw fish in miniature rice rolls with hints of brown sugar, vinegar, and wasabi. Tasty! And the veggie dumplings? Well, let’s just say that they went before the rice rolls did, so that should tell ya something right there! And the Gekkeikan Sake, well, I poured some in a sautée pan and placed it over a pot with water in and cooked to a boil. I’ll take hot sake over cold any day!