I ventured downtown again. I was informed that there was a new 7-11 downtown that was being built. Little did I realize that it would come so soon. Again, I thought about my recently-departed friend, and I said to myself; “I wish Mary coulda been here to see all this”. But like any new venture in Detroit, I expected it to be crowded. The entrance was, but the rest of the store was immaculate to say the least. Prior to the recent resurgence of this iconic convenience store in Detroit this past year, the last Detroit location was on East Warren just a few blocks east of Cadieux Road where Finney High School (now East English Village Prepartory Academy) now stands. And this was in 2004.

I was wondering when we’d see another 7-11 in the city, we’ve gotten two this year, both of them in the downtown area. I wish them both great success!