Dinner before my workout. With the exception of the corn, the chicken and the rice, everything came from Trader Joe’s. I normally use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) for my skillet, likewise for the rice when I cook the rice in a pot. Due to the size of the pieces of bird, I added some slices of beef polish sausage to the skillet to enhance the flavor and add more protein to the mix. What I do first, is cook the bird until it’s fully cooked, then I add the polish sausage (already cooked), sometimes I’ll add shrimp (peeled for the most part) to the mix. After that, I’d add the Mandarin Sauce, pour it over the meat, and you’d see a beautiful, glistening glaze over the meat. Now most times, I’d have the rice on the plate first, and I’d have the veggies and bird mixed together and pour over the rice. But seeing that this is the only thing I’ve eaten today (not counting a banana), I just whipped the presentation like a school lunch.

And BTW, the steamed corn was microwaved.

What can I say, a brotha was friggin’ hungry!