Having been a professional cleaner for two decades, I have learned how to better maintain a house. Being a teenager at the time, I didn’t appreciate it, now that the big 4-0 is fast approaching, I’ve developed an abhorrence of filth and clutter in my house, esp. if I’m living by myself. So I took the liberty of doing some of my old-school janitorial duties and did some cleaning of my own since I have a rounded-off 20 years as stated earlier. I was hoping that my faithful steamer would be available for me, but it wasn’t so I had to go old-school and use a mop with some bleach and wood cleaner. Needless to say, I miss the convenience of using my steamer, but I was happy with the fact that I had a clean first floor! I just moved in after my grandmother’s passing, and the very least I can do is keep this place clean! And just like grandma, I, too, can’t stand a filthy house. Since September, I’ve been throwing out stuff left and right. I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes into the first third (first four months, that is) of 2015.

At my age, I’m just trying to life a much simpler life like the Bible suggests.