No pic necessary today, I’ll sum it up in just a few sentences.

I’ve done my third 365 project, simultaneously on two social networks.
I’ve resolved to keep it up after other photographers had done up to seven or eight in a row.
I’ve tried blogging everyday (I hope to do it more often).
I’ve attended TWO International District Conventions of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Ford Field. Hosted delegates from Montreal, and some from Ghana. I even photographed some of the conventions.
My friend and Photo partner Mary E. Lawler died after a long illness with heart failure (I shut down for months after that).
My grandmother lost her battle with cancer at 86.
I left the ‘hood, and relocated back to the suburbs.
I was laid off after 19 years on the job.
Right after that I was the victim of a rear-end (hit-and-run, driver didn’t have any insurance, apparently).
I started working out again.
I threw myself into some things to get over people who walked out on me.
Currently studying for my life insurance license.
Began selling stuff on eBay to support myself.
I switched from using my right hand to my left (no, I’m not ambidextrous, but cross-dominant).

As far as I know, these are just the majority of events that happened in my life. Hopefully before the year ends within the next ten days or less, I’ll be sure to add more.