Day 356.  Blood Oranges
A rare thing here up north, some blood oranges. We get them around the Fall/Winter seasons from Florida. They came extremely late this year due to some issues with the crops down south. And given this horrendous weather that we had this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the reason. All that being said, I’ve been asking about them for months, and they have finally came! I’ll admit, I’ve never had the actual blood oranges, I have had blood orange soda. Bloody good! No pun intnended.

Hopefully I’ll be able to buy some again before the year is over, if not, then at least I was in a position to buy some recently. I posted a this picture on Instagram, Pinterest, and two Facebook groups-one of them, a culinary group-and I did not expect such a domino effect, and a positive one at that, on the subject. All I said in the group was that they were rare here in up north/the Midwest, and asked if, for future reference, I might add, if there are/were any suggestion(s) for the use of these rare treats, I was all ears! Long story short, again, the response just snowballed! And on a positive note.

I would add a link, but the group is now closed to the public. If it helps, the name of the group is called “A Chef’s Life”. And being a chef by trade, I’m loving my stay there.