Rich, smooth, sharp, goes well with chicken, pasta, and veggies. And it ain’t cheap, either! Normally, I’m a White Zin, or a Chardonnay kinda guy, but I must confess that Pinot Grigio has captivated my taste buds in recent years. The crisp taste of white grapes is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I’ve many Pinot Grigios over the years, even a few-just a small bit-of Pinot Noir wines, but of all the vinos I’ve consumed these past 15 years, Pinot Grigio by far has got to be one of the most popular ones amongst most consumers. That said, most wines that I buy, PG is the one I invest in the most!

Now this particular brand, Ecco Domani, has caught my attention, but the price was beyond my means at the time. Long story short, when I did get some extra cash, I seized that opportunity to get it from Costco. And one thing I’ve learned about wine, as well as various spirits, is the more you pay for them, the better they taste, especially if they’re vintage! In my opinion, vintage wines have the last word. This 2012 vintage has left a very sweet taste on my palate. I ate the last of my mac-n-cheese just now with brussels sprouts, and some rotisserie chicken. Unfortunately, because I’ve hit the gym religiously these past eight months, it’ll be awhile before I’ll hit some hot sauce (no pun intended) like this for quite some time.

It did, however, feel good to cheat these past few days after losing 30 plus pounds, though.


Now it’s back to work!