Almost done with my 365 project on Instagram/Pinterest, blogging every single day this month, and this year coming to a close as we all write a new chapter in the goings-on in our lives. Not much to talk about tonight other than staying consistent with with working out, and watching what I eat while having some good booze to celebrate melting over 30 pounds these past few months. Now it’s back to the workout, back to studying for my insurance license, I have an over-the-phone interview in a few days, and trying to get some things done around the house so I can attend to other things in life. I’m appreciating how much I have now. I thought about an old flame of mine, and I hope that she’s doing well in her new surroundings. I think about her often, but things happen, things change, and I hope that things have fared better for her since we last saw each other. I would like to believe that I’ve fared better despite the circumstances I’ve been under with Mary’s passing, being laid off, my grandmother’s passing, moving out the hood, and in the red with cash, my accident, my weight loss/bodybuilding journey. Even after all this, there are no words that can fill up the things I’ve gone through since this year started.

As I write the words of the final chapter of 2014, I’m already gearing myself for 2015. It’s funny, me and a Facebook friend was briefly talking about Mary. I miss her very much. I wish she was here. She’d have a story to tell had she been here seeing this year coming to its end.