Well, one thing that I look forward to in the promised New World that’s promised by Jesus when all of us will be in Paradise. I snuck this shot while out in the door-to-door ministry earlier today. I visited my former congregation in Clinton Township for field service to “widen out”, as the Bible advises, and every time I’m out there, it’s such a contrast in comparison to the blight in the inner city. Even though I am very biased, yes, I went there, towards easy on the eyes/racially integrated suburbia over the segregated urban blight of Detroit, I really do look forward to the time when both urban and suburban areas will be in harmony. But most of us are aware that under human rule-no matter how sincere some politicians may be-it’s virtually impossible, but as Jesus Christ clearly stated; “…with God all things are possible.”

Amen to that!

This iPhone snapshot was in every way imaginable, a preview of Paradise!