Day 364. Something I haven't done in many years. Hopefully when I get some extra cash, and my money's on point, I'll be getting back into this! Felt good to get out the house, even if it was for a few hours!
Just one more day left, and this 365 will be over! It’s the first one in four years, first one where I used mostly my iPhone, first one where I simultaneously posted it on TWO social networks, which actually made it more convenient. That said, it will also be the first one where I will attempt doing it for a consecutive second year in a row. Despite some trying events that I’ve gone through this past year, especially during the latter half, I still came out on top!

I visited the Blick Art (formerly Utrecht) in Midtown Detroit (where my twin and I were born), and prior to that I visited Michael’s in Roseville not too far in “The Shores” where I currently reside. And all of a sudden, I’ve had this sudden urge to paint in order to complement my artistic skills. So some “window shopping” was appropriate for me. Needless to say, the two are almost neck-and-neck with competition. And the longtime debate that I have other than price ranging now is support my new suburban habitat, or continue to support my now former city. At this point, despite the risk of burning gas (which is under $2.00 throughout the country), I’ll take whoever and whichever has the best deals. ‘Nuff said.

Despite being in some serious competition, and the holidays just ending, and we have two more coming-one ending the old year, the other beginning the new one, either choice that I decide on is gonna be easy on the wallet. And BTW, I’ve been eyeing the Canon 70D for quite some time. Should I get a job soon, I’ll dig up some cash and get one, maybe a second one for backup.

Can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store for all of us-especially yours truly!