DAT'S DAT 2014
Well, it’s the end of the road, but the journey continues. As I write this final entry for 2014, I’m debating which layout(s) I wanna use for my blog. So whoever is reading my entries in passing, and wondering why the layouts are different each time, now you know.

As I’ve stated earlier, I am going to continue this project into 2015 and post on both my Facebook pages, and on Twitter. Where will I go from there, who knows? After doing the first two on Flickr (which I may put on Facebook down the road), I’ve wanted to challenge myself and post the same 365 photojournal simultaneously on two social networks. Both of which this past year has been an indefinite success to say the very least. And as promised, I will post occasional 365 pics here on WordPress like I’ve done (occasionally) this past year. Like many on the blogosphere and elsewhere, I do not know what this year will have in store, but on a personal note, seeing that I’m gonna be approaching my fourth decade on this earth, the painful reality of fleeting youth and unaccomplished goals have set in rapidly, and continue to do so. That said, it’s go time for me!

Working out has also become a priority of mine these past two years. I’d love to work out daily like I used to do when I was in my twenties. But at 39, soon to be 40, pacing myself is a must. But I appreciate the burn that I feel when I do exercise. I didn’t appreciate it in my younger years, but I love it now. Like Prince said in one of his songs in the early 90s, “If long life is what we all live for, then long life will come to pass”. I couldn’t agree more.

As I enjoy this final day of 2014, I’m gonna OWN this day! With everything I’ve gone through these past few months (if you’ve been reading my blog since then). I deserve it! i don’t think it, I know it. Period!


I dedicate this 365 project in the enduring memories of my friend and photo buddy, Mary Elizabeth Lawler (1966-2014), and my grandmother, Margaret Catherine Jones (1927-2014).