Tonight’s entry is just gonna be in a few words.  I’ve fooled around long enough.  The reasons/excuses that I’ve had these past six months are no longer valid.  Mary’s passing, water under the bridge, Losing my job after 20 years of service, water under the bridge, being rear-ended and left hanging by a driver who apparently had no insurance, water under the bridge, grandma’s passing, unemployment ran out, yet still got a way to pay the bills, leaving the hood for the suburbs, and all that other jazz?  All the same a bridge over troubled water.  Just mere past occurrences with unfortunate outcomes that cannot be rectified or undone.  I’m saying all this for one thing:  I was converting (painstakingly on my DSLR, I might add) pics from RAW to JPEG, and alluva sudden I’ve gotten this urge to shoot again, despite this winter hawk that we have here up north.  So I may be getting back into it within the coming weeks ahead.

And remember that logo redesign that I tried last year?  Didn’t like it, gonna go back to the old one, it was simple, unique and very convenient.

It’s time that yours truly has got to step back into the fray of what he really loves to do the most.


And one last thing.  For anyone who followed me on Instagram and observed my Project 365 there (as well as Pinterest), feel free to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for my current adventures of my ongoing photo journal.

Good Night!