Did my 365 for the day, posted it on FB and Twitter.  Went out in service this morning, helped out my parents this afternoon, went to the gym and did a full-body workout today (haven’t done that in years), and as always, I pushed it to the limit.  Biggest compliment I’ve gotten was my cousin Tia from ‘Bama called to let me know that she was inspired by my progress.  Which encouraged me to keep on going with my workouts.  I just gotta pay more attention to my diet.  On occasion I’ll have a pop (I quit for over six months, and got back into it, now I’m weaning myself from it again), a beer, wine, liquor, or some mixed concoction like the one that I recently made around Christmastime.  Also did my daily Bible reading, I’m finally challenging myself to reading up to at least four chapters of God’s Word every day.  It’s been said (and obviously proven) that if you read up to four chapters of the Bible a day, you’ll have it read in a year.

I’ll try anything once.  As it’s been said, there’s a first time for everything.