Received some extra money, paid my phone bill, got a few more for the month, blew about $200.00 at Costco, bought some more blood oranges, went to the health food store(s) and bought some more supplements, got a free bottle coming in tomorrow, the store that I went to was buy one, get one free.  Seeing that I got the last bottle, they told me to keep my receipt until the next shipment, so I can get my free extra bottle of Vitamin D free and clear.  Watched my complementary DVD from Powerhouse Gym to learn/recap on some upper body exercises that I try to brush up on.  I wish to make this progress as continual as possible.  Still proud of the fact that I went out in the field and did some shooting after morning service at the Hall, and posted at least one picture that same day!  Couldn’t be any prouder.

I hate to keep harping on it, but I wish Mary could’ve seen the events that had unfolded after her demise.  I have so much to tell her about in the New World.

It’s been almost a week, and I’m still with the “Read The Bible in One Year” program.  You can download a copy of the schedule on  And BTW, any version of the Bible will do, just read it!