Originally I was hoping to do some photography further out in Macomb County earlier today, but my my patio had to suffice for now.  Paid some more bills, still got a few bucks left, I’m very hopeful towards a possible occupation within the next week or so, got an extension on my insurance class online, so I hope to have my license by Spring.  I was hoping to finish the rough draft of my novel so I can do the final draft-I’m still debating whether or not I’m gonna post it here on WP, Tumblr, or Wattpad, I’ll keep you posted-still working on pics from mid-2014 that I hope to post by the end of the month.  Still consistent with my 365, no guarantee that I’ll be as consistent as blogging everyday, but I’ll try it.  My 365 photo journal I got down packed, period!  It don’t matter whether I use a DSLR, iPhone, or even my iPad mini, as long as it gets the job done on that particular day, that’s all I really care about.  I don’t care what social network it’s on as long as it’s there!  I’ve done two on Flickr (2008, 2010), one on Instagram and Pinterest simultaneously last year (2014), and my fourth one this year in 2015 I’m doing consecutively on my two Facebook pages, and on Twitter with occasional appearances here on WordPress.  Long day, snow’s comin’ in, temp dropped, we’re in the first week of January, so all this was/is to be expected sooner or later anyway.  That’s it for tonight…