Well, I’ve been meaning to do this with salmon for quite some time, mission accomplished!

I’ll describe this in few words, if possible:

One slab of salmon with a splash of chopped garlic, a pinch of curry, turmeric, thyme, basil, organic oregano along with Dijon mustard, and the coup de gras, after i smothered the fish with the above ingredients, a splashed some Pinot Grigio on it.

Preheat oven at 400,
Have the fish wrapped in aluminum foil to avoid spillage,
Bake for 15-20 minutes (if thawed out prior to cooking).
Add slices of blood oranges (optional).

And now the harvest grain blend from Trader Joe’s. A blend of red quinoa, garbanzo beans, orzo, and Israeli style couscous. Because I didn’t have any chicken broth, I added some chopped chicken breast for flavouring. The following picture is the end result along with a slice of garlic toast.