Another successful day using my DSLR on my daily photo journal.  I ventured to my former hometown, Mt. Clemens for some brief (literally, brief) shooting despite the inclement weather.  I’ll admit that I am obsessed with this area despite living in a much better one probably because Mt. Clemens is the Capital of Macomb County, Michigan.  It is a suburban hamlet that divides between Clinton Township and Harrison Township.  Very racially diverse, and the Clinton River runs through it.  And this shot is my first shot of the Clinton River in the wintertime.  Although I risked my index finger being frostbitten, with gloves on, I might add, I was very pleased with the outcome of this image.  So pleased that I didn’t even edit it-I will eventually, or just take another shot of it-I just added my watermark, and that was that!

The Clinton River is the namesake of DeWitt Clinton, the sixth Governor of New York.  The moniker, “Clinton Township” is so popular on the eastern states, it is synonymous in various counties is the same state!  See for yourself!