JLH. The initials of English-Scotsman Joseph Lowthian Hudson. While time will not allow me to do a full backstory on what you see other than this particular location will be shutting down soon. Originally a department store that took up an entire city block for nearly 100 years until its implosion in late 1998. JL Hudson was a businessman from England who had a department store made in Detroit with other locations made in the Midwest. Over the years it partnered with Dayton Department Store (home of Target) from Minneapolis, then was bought out by Marshall Field (Chicago), and currently under the Macy’s moniker (NYC). Sadly, this location, Northland Mall in Southfield, MI, one of the first suburban malls built in the US, is on the verge of shutting its doors if it doesn’t generate the income that it once did. And with the only surviving anchor store shutting down within the next two months, it’s gonna be a fight. Like I said earlier, due to a lack of time I won’t go into full detail about what had occurred this post-holiday season, but I will leave you with some Detroit trivia. Didja know that decades after the death of JL Hudson that his family (he was engaged to be married at the time of his death, and was buried in his native England) established Hudson Motors? Despite some success, like Maxwell, Chalmers (which eventually merged prior to being bought out by Walter P. Chrysler), and Nash Motors were fleeting carmakers, Hudson and Nash merged and became American Motor company (AMC) before being bought out by Chrysler in mid-1987. Although the majority of those auto makers are gone now, the Jeep has endured a lifelong legacy for nearly 100 years.

To be continued,