Not much to write about today/tonight. Other than stocking up on bottled water from Costco, about to hit the gym in a few minutes, saw a few Bond flicks on Netflix, and expecting some news in reference to some income that I might be able to bring into my new home. I’ll admit I’ve enjoyed these seven months off, but already I’m getting restless. I actually miss not punching a clock, or doing something to make some money on the side. But all that being said, whatever the outcome of the news that I may get be it good or bad, this year is gonna be my year. I haven’t worked on my novel lately, and I’m still editing pics from mid-2014, and I recently bought an extension on my online insurance class, and I’ve been successful since New Year’s Day in my daily Bible reading. And again, if you haven’t already, go to the link below and download the Bible reading schedule:

Click on “Schedule For Bible Reading”.

I’m OMW 2 Powerhouse now.