Well, I’ll be brief with this one. I’ll be back in school tomorrow, and at Macomb Community College in Warren, Mi. Despite that I miss Henry Ford, and I only had one year left, I found something that I really wanted to do in reference to my craft(s). That said, because I waited for a job that I didn’t get, yet I still remain in consideration, my back was against the wall for classes. And seeing that I missed a day, I not have to pay catch up. Thankfully I have the means to do it now.

Did lower body at the gym today. And with the exception of my squats and deadlifts, I did everything else lightweight so I could feel the “pumps” as I worked the weights. It was good that I lifted very heavy for this past month, but I wanted to go back to light for two reasons: 1)muscle builds faster with slower reps and lighter weights, and 2) although I appreciate being able to lift/squat more, I didn’t want to reach powerlifter status, not now, anyway. I just wanna lose and tone. Eventually I’ll get back into the weight that I was pushing. I’m just gonna take my time doing it, that’s all.

And even though the thoughts of self-employment has rattled my brain these past few months, I’ve come across the knowledge that I can do photography, sell on eBay, and I’m halfway through my insurance class. So working for myself might really be a better thing for me after all…

I still wanna work part-time, but my back is really against a wall right now, but as long as I can make time to do the really important things such as Bible study, the field ministry, as well as paying the bills and putting food on the table and working out, I think things will be alright. And if my stay at Powerhouse don’t last, I can always go back to LA Fitness (which I’m gonna do anyway, as a backup). And there’s one right around the corner from me. I’d be there in minutes either behind the wheel, or on foot.

Seriously thinking about tying the knot seeing that I’m not getting any younger. But that’s a whole ‘nother topic!