Domino Wines.  Very popular, very good, very delicious.  Exclusively at Costco (as far as I know).  Goes well with chicken, seafood, rice, veggies, even desserts.  Crisp, delicious, seductive, goes down with a smoothness with no kick (unless you just don’t give a crap and guzzle it like water).  Has a nice, clean aftertaste.  Only drawback in my opinion is that from 2013 up the bottles are now twist-cap instead of corked.  Other than that, all I can say is that once you try this, you will not be disappointed.

I only know of this particular brand of Domino.  I must confess, every time I buy this stuff and drink it, I keep thinking about that vintage Van Morrison song “Domino”.  I might just play that on YouTube one day.

And BTW, be sure to check out http://www.dominowines.com