A gift from the old man a few years ago. Caravelle. I did not know up until that day that Caravelle was a Bulova brand. Long story short, I’ve had this beautiful timepiece for three, or four years, and it just sat in my watch cabinet. The battery eventually went out, and I never wore it because it was too big for my wrist. I recently acquired the means to get the watch resized and resurrected. And now I wear it more frequently now. Because of its beauty, I wear it for show. And its design definitely reminds me of Rolex, Omega (the James Bond eras), Invicta, Seiko, and many others. I guess you could say that this is literally my first Bulova. Bulova is no slouch when it comes to timepieces. Rolex has Tudor, Casio has G-Shock, and of course, Bulova has Caravelle.

Just a few vintage pieces that I have in my collection. I do, however, have gotta get another cabinet.