No pic today, but I’m window shopping for a new camera.  My Nikon is on its last limb, and the kind of photography that I do nowadays requires a intermediate DSLR.  I won’t reveal what kind it is, but I have bought some accessories for it, and I even bought a new camera bag because my current bag is tearing up and I don’t wanna risk the equipment that I currently have falling on the street whenever I’m out shooting.  That said, an upgrade for my DSLR bag was very appropriate.  But I’ve been window shopping all over the place and came across some real good deals with warranties.  But the only snag is that I’m still unemployed, and the money that I got from my annuities is very limited right now.  And while I do have the means to buy one, I do not know what to expect within the next few weeks or few months from now, so I have to walk on eggshells with this money.  Thankfully, the Holy Spirit has so far given the guidance that I need to survive for the time being.  I’ve been reminding myself that I have to be smart with my funding(s), so I was able to pay off some debts, buy some clothes, my auto insurance is paid off for the next six months, my life insurance is paid up for the remainder of this year.  I’m embarrassed to submit that I am learning these lessons about money so late in life, but I’m glad that I’m learning them now.  I really wanna get that DSLR, despite the deal that I saw on CNET the other night, I just gotta be patient.  Eventually I will get it.  If possible, two of them, or an older (but still new/unused) model akin to it.

I’ll give you a hint, it ain’t gonna be a Nikon (been there, done that).