I was in for a very special treat this past Saturday.  One of the first cars that I photographed was this vintage Mustang with the Shelby badge on it.  The late Carroll Shelby, being its namesake, of course.  A very talented racer and businessman (I loved his chili mixes, it had that “kick” to it), his career was cut short due to a series of health issues.  Despite a short-lived career as a racer, racing was in his blood, and he was determined to be a force in the automobile industry, and he was, too!

This vintage hot rod was one of the first Shelbys to hit the blacktops.  While time will not allow me to go into full detail about the man and the machine, may I suggest that you read further into them both (Carroll Shelby and Shelby Mustang) on WikiPedia.  The Shelby still roars like the lion that it is.  That said, as the world commemorates its Golden Anniversary in 2015, it remains the only Pony Car that was made nonstop for over half a century unlike its contemporaries that came and went since their inception(s) in the 60s.

For your pleasure, here’s another shot of the GT350R!