Still down to the wire as far as money is concerned. But to show and prove that I am dead serious about upgrading to a new camera, I bought accessories for my upcoming DSLR. I went to Costco after service (in a blizzard, I might add) to see whether or not the price of a certain camera had gone down. Guess what? It went up $100.00, and the rebate was $50.00 less! Man, the wind had gone out of my shell when I saw that. Like I said, I do have the means to buy it right now free and clear! But seeing that the money I currently have is emergency money from my annuities, I just have to bite the bullet until I hear further on the job apps that I’ve been filling out. But the more I think about my circumstances, it gives me more and more reason to resume my insurance class seeing that I’m halfway through it, and I bought an extension for it recently. And I still have a load of crap that I can put on eBay. So not all hope is entirely lost at this point! I just lack motivation right now. I’m kinda dejected because I have been very, very patient in waiting to get this camera. Now that I have the money to get it, I can’t spend it right now. I can, however, continue to invest in other accessories such as glass (lenses, that is), a new tripod, etc. I have recently bought two new DSLR backpacks for two reasons: 1) the one that I had was tearing up (I think I pointed that out in a previous blog entry), and 2) backup in case the first one tears up. They were $50.00 a piece, so I went for it. The big bag I had was anywhere between $80-100.00 (I had it for years, so I can’t recall exactly other than it was within those figures). But despite the curveballs that I’ve encountered this past month or so, I remain focused and determined to get that camera. Like I said, I’ve been patient. Going on three years now.

I thought it was time, but not yet, I guess.