A new eatery that has been advertised a lot as of late. Kuzzo’s on The Avenue of Fashion on Detroit’s west side. Long story short, I heard about them on Facebook last week, and seeing that I had a few bucks on me, I figured I could get away with it just this once seeing that my money’s very limited. Even though I no longer reside in the city, I still support it, no matter what. And the place was bumpin’, literally! it got so much buzz, a cat from Toledo, Ohio drove way up here to check it out (more than likely he was from Detroit originally). As a bachelor, I sat at the bar, yet I didn’t drink anything with alcohol in it. I ordered the dish called “What Up Doe” (a slang that we used to use heavily in the 1980s). It consisted of two waffles, three pieces of chicken with scrambled eggs and grits with the option of regular or cheese grits, and a glass 7 or 8″x 3″ jar of any drink of your choice. I went old-school and ordered the once-famous Coke and Kool-Aid. Hopefully when I get back on my feet financially, I’ll be heading back there again. I had so much food, I had to take some home. The pics enclosed oughta be self-explanatory enough.

Till next time!