I’ll bet that those who had to work called off yesterday and today. In the Metro Detroit area we received well over a foot of snow. Thankfully the subdivision that I stay in has a crew that does the snow for us. That being said, although I miss not having a job, were I still working, I’d definitely call this day off. And depending on what jobs are being worked today, there’s only a few with paid emergency days such as this one. One fringe benefit on the job that a lot of us take for granted. But I was able to get some things done at home and shovel a path between my back door and gateway. I do not know what to expect for the rest of the day, but the very best that I can do right now is take it very easy on these inclement roads. I spent the whole night cleaning up (still got a ways to go), and it stopped around 7-ish this morning. I was hoping to shovel mom’s patio, but it was caked with snow! I couldn’t even park next to her. So I went back home and got some rest. So as I get my day started so late in the afternoon, I’m playing catch-up. Thankfully my second bedroom is looking better that it has before. Not 100%, but getting there.

Expect a before-and-after diptych one day on my 365.