No pic tonight.  But just an update as to what’s been up.  Still recovering from Monday’s polar vortex, and it’s snowing again!  I’ve spent a huge amount of time on the road today trying to get things done as well as have my art project on inking done in a few days.  I bring this up because like I said before, I’ve spent a lot of time on the road, and this heavy weather is nothing new to me at all.   That said, I have seen many spinouts on our highways today, and I guess because of my many years as a licensed driver, and I’m more relaxed-esp. in inclement weather-it makes it easy for me to focus on the road.  I have blind spot mirrors on my side (rear) views, and I tell ya, it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.  But there are some folks who just don’t know how to handle a vehicle in weather like this.  Common sense should just kick in and tell the person who can’t handle the aggressive outside forces to just stay in for the day or just wait until the weather abates.  But folks are gonna do what they wanna do anyway.

It’s their/your funeral.

I’ve spent some time after class in Mt. Clemens shooting as usual.  Caught some real good shots.  By the time you read this entry, my 365 pic will be on Facebook and Twitter.  Made a few other stops, and went to my NAA insurance meeting for the first time in weeks (if not months).  I’m halfway through my class, and seeing that my job search is becoming either challenging, and/or just plain boring, I still have to do something if I’m gonna stay in this new abode that God has blessed me with.  That said, I’ve found further reason to resume the rest of the class, which I hope to do tomorrow.  I’m still gonna be shooting no matter what.  Even if I get my license, I have to have some consistent income coming in until everything else blows over.  I’m still focused on getting my new DSLR.  I have bought some more stuff for it because I am determined and serious about getting it.  I have been patient, very patient towards getting that camera.  And I’m gonna buy it in store like I did my current/previous cameras.  I feel more comfortable doing it that way instead of the hassle of having to return it and having to wait for the issue(s) at hand to be resolved, but that’s just me.

Signing off for tonight,