Well, I’ll just dive right in and be brief seeing that this project is gonna be due first thing in the morning.  We’ve been practicing with our inks in class these past few days, and let’s just say that it’s challenging.  Even when I was doing it years ago, it was a messy process then.  And I taught myself by the comic books that I was reading at the time.  Now this deja’vu has taken a complete turnaround for me, artistically speaking.  The class just started, so I’m still playing catch-up because I registered late, so hopefully I’ll be up to speed within the next week or so.  Maybe by next week, I’ll have the finished product on a small board for all to see.  What you’re seeing now is the inking process on some designs that I made, and even ad-libbed from various sources.  The squares are gonna be a part of the final process when I cut them and paste them to the little black board that I mentioned earlier.  I’d embellish further on the matter, but unfortunately my time is very limited right now.