As always, an artist’s work is never done.  Although books are becoming somewhat a passe thing in print, per se, there’s always room for learning.  Even though these books are some years old now, there are some hidden gems inside of them as usual.  But I can Google/YouTube similar subjects as what’s been printed on paper.  Either way, I’m gonna get an education, gain some knowledge, something!

As I embrace the second month of 2015, I still embrace the challenges that lie ahead.  While I have yet to purchase my new DSLR, I have in advance bought accessories for the camera-including glass and adapters-the only drawback to that is what if I get my camera, and none of those accessories work?  Now I am exceptionally mindful of the fact that I have taken several big risks doing that, but like I said in a previous entry, I am determined, and serious about getting a new camera this year!  Period.

So if all else fails, I can either exchange or return them, and start all over again.  But once I get my camera, God willing, it’ll be on my 365, as was my current camera five years ago when I bought it.  I do miss Ritz Camera.  I’ve spent a lot of time and money into that place.  But I’ll delve into that later.

One last thing.  The camera that I’ve been looking into, I’ve been Googling and YouTubing it.  Mostly good reviews so far.

Can’t wait to get it.