First of all, I don’t gamble!  Haven’t done so in years, I’m terrible at it, I suck at it.  To those who are skilled with it, more power to ya!  Now that I got that out of the way…

This was a last-minute, literally, I might add, for my picture for the day.  But I bought these chips as collector’s items, and I have two major agendas for 2015, maybe more, 1:  Purchase my new DSLR as soon as possible, and 2:  Get my motorcycle endorsement.  But these babies are the closest I’ll ever get to being a professional card player.  As I stated earlier, I’m not a gambler mainly for religious reasons, but should they ever have an UNO version, I might just make an exception of not gambling, I’m just saying.

No flash used other than the on-camera flash.  I think the composition wasn’t too far off, and the black one slightly overlaps the red one, and the black background (my iPad cover) fades vertically from dark to light.

As I said on Facebook some months ago, and I’ll say it again, it feels good to once again back in the fray of photography.

Real Photography!