Still at it.  Did some nature shots of the historic River Rouge Park on Detroit’s west side.  Got some good shots, especially of the creeks at the fords of the Rouge River.  Due to the nature of the cold, most of my shots were taken from the car, and yes, this one was, also!  I will be posting more pics soon.  I don’t think I did too bad seeing that this unstable and inclement weather decided to add rain to the mix, but I utilized virtually every opportunity to my advantage.

Case in point:  While the coast was clear, I made a brief, yet cautious stop on Outer Drive with my hazard lights on, and caught this beautiful bokeh shot of both my rear (side) view and the aftermarket blind spot mirror on its edge.  Those blind spot mirrors are a very good investment to say the very least.

You’ll be surprised what a photographer is capable of doing these days.  But this is nothing new, not even to me.  I very seldom get a shot this good, so I remain proud of today’s accomplishments as far as this image is concerned.