At a time like this, I’m beginning to appreciate the seasons throughout the year despite the inclement weather that we face at this time of year.  I posted this pic yesterday on various Facebook groups, and have gotten a small, but positive feedback on it.  It’s almost unfathomable that in just a few months time, this very same location is going to have wildlife on it, the water might be blue, or green (that is, if anyone doesn’t litter in it and use it as their outhouse), the trees will be blossoming soon, and the gray sky in the background will eventually turn blue.  Even as a photographer, I have often taken scenes like this for granted, and little have I realised up until I reached my 30s, that everything that you see here is all part of a Divine Plan.  I may not know entirely what that plan consists of altogether, but I can truthfully say this:  With the exception of Armageddon and the Great Tribulation that follows, after each season, this will still be here.  As the winter winds down, next comes spring, after that, summer, after that, autumn (fall).  All these sequential events save one (or two), are a part of a Divine purpose, further proving that there is a Creator, and this is just a part of his creations.  Things we take for granted, but don’t appreciate until it’s too late.

Nature alone is a beautiful thing thanks to our Creator, Jehovah God.