It feels good, and I cannot emphasize this often enough, to be outside doing what I love to do the best, and that’s get out my camera and shoot the night away.  I have taken shots of this building before, but never from this angle.  The thing about being an artist, being a visionary, and seeing things that are hard to understand to most folks, observing the nature of things, shapes, objects, and so on and so forth, is that you can see them and know what they are, what their backstory is, with little or no definition to it.  It’s almost unexplainable other than the awestruck observance, if not awesomeness altogether of God’s creation.  Like the scripture says; “…every house is constructed by someone, but He who constructed all things is God.”  I, for one, will not debate that.

Now the backstory to this pic up until now was/is partially self-explanatory.  That being said, I spent some time driving down Woodward looking for something to shoot (no pun intended), and as I drove around Campus Martius, I saw this spot and said “I wanna shoot this!”  So I found a meter (that didn’t work, so I didn’t have to worry about having a ticket slapped on my windshield), parked, grabbed my gear bag and footed around until I got the exact same shot on foot that I had seen behind the wheel just a few minutes prior to that.

I took a few more shots of downtown, and went home satisfied.